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Slogging through Blogging

Okay, so I have a blog now.  Point is, I don’t really read other blogs, so I am not entirely sure what is normal.

There is one blog that I read regularly – probably have for close to ten years – and that is Rand Simberg’s Transterrestrial Musings (transterrestrial.com).  He covers space, especially of the non-NASA variety – new space and all the companies that are working to actually open the high frontier and who may one day get me, once sufficiently drugged, into orbit.  I know NASA will never do it.  Honestly, they promised me a jet pack and they never came through.  Anyhow, Rand also addresses other matters and I tend to agree with him on all but two subjects: Middle East policy and voting Republican.  I just like what he has to say.

Used to read Virginia Postrel’s Dynamist website, but she seems to have left dynamism behind in her search for all things style.  I wish her the best, but it really doesn’t interest me.

Oh, and I have this RSS feed thing, Google Reader, and it reads a few more websites – looking at it now and it seems I get Free Colorado and Reason – but I never think to check it.  I get Reason Magazine on my Kindle and I read some of Ari’s posts from his emails, so I guess I am not missing anything.

So, I am not all that into the whole blogging thing and I have to learn some things.  One of you made a comment asking how you were supposed to follow it.  I don’t know.  I go to my one blog a couple of times a day, so I guess I follow it manually.  If you don’t mean RSS, then perhaps you are talking about Facebook.  Sorry, don’t have a Facebook page, certainly don’t want one, and may well be the last one on my block to get one.  Though, I suppose, it may become necessary for marketing, but don’t expect it anytime real soon.  Also, I do not tweet or twit or… well, I’m not really comfortable conjugating that word, but don’t expect to see that real soon either.

Guess if you really want to follow this blog, you had better set a calendar entry to remind you to look at it once a week.  Or, I think, there is some email digest thingy you can use.

Thus ends the customer-centric portion of our program.


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