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Task Master

Need to set an immediate goal.  Okay.

Publish one short story on Amazon.

Done.  Except, not really.  You see, what if somebody likes it?  What if they say, “I kinda liked that story.  I want to read another one!”

But they couldn’t, you see, because there would only be the one story.  Otherwise, they would just go on to some other author and soon forget about me.  So, from a business perspective, I need to put three of them out there in pretty short order.  Therefore…

Publish three short stories on Amazon.

Where to start?  What to do?

First off, I took all of my stories and other things off my old, failing PC a couple of years ago and put them out on Google Docs.  That is, they are resting safely in the cloud.  But Google Docs is formatted just a little different, so I have to bring whatever story I want back down to the PC and get it on MS Word, then spend a little time reformatting things.

Naturally, I also need to review the story with older eyes – some of them were written close to twenty years ago – and see if there is anything glaring from the perspectives of grammar, style, or technology.

Then there needs to be title pages and such.  Need to come up with some copyright lingo.

A cover!  Shoot!  Gonna need a cover.  Hmm.  Come back to that.

So, get the whole word document ready to go.  For details, go to the Amazon self-publishing pages.  There is a not-too-lengthy conversion process, part of which involves, if I read it right, some guy named Moby.

Next, create an author account on Amazon.  Fill in the administrative bits.  Write some trivia on what a nice and/or fascinating guy I really am.  Oh, and create a link, somewhere, pointing people back to this blog.

Upload the story.  Somehow.  Set a price.  Somehow.  Click on “Publish.”  Or something.

Done.  Or not, because, if you will recall, I have to do it three times.  Need at least three stories out there to meet the needs of my throng of fans.  Both of them.  (Yes, Michele, I know you have only two and I am not criticizing – yours are long novels, mine are short stories, read in an hour.  Besides, that third one is coming out soon, yes?)

So now I have to pick three from my list.  The first one out, I think, will be One Man Band, a sort of Friday-ish tale about a young woman entertainer who is also sort of a spy, but it is not really clear for who.  I like it, it is fun, and it moves fast.

Which, I suppose, means the other two stories should be Ironman (no, not that Ironman) and Gypsy, as they are both, very loosely, in the same universe.  In fact, it occurred to me last year that the three stories could serve as chapters in a far wider novel.  So, I need to have a quick look at them all from a point of compatibility.

Then there is the problem with Gypsy.  I mentioned it here once already.  It is the one that ends way too suddenly.  Have to find an ending for it.  Which means writing.

Maybe I  need to find another three.


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