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Surviving the Transition

When I started this, last week, I said I only had one blog that I read regularly.  I was somewhat wrong.  There is another website I have been going to very regularly, every week, and that is the site of Kristine Katherine Rusch, a writer of many decades experience.

I guess, because it was not presented exactly as a blog, I did not think of it that way.  But since she wrote “Writing Like Its 1999” back in May, she has faithfully added a follow-up article every week.

What does she write about?  Writing, of course.  Well, to be more precise, publishing.  She writes at length about the myriad changes in the publishing industry, what new alternatives have been created, and how even best-selling authors have been getting short-changed or shafted by agents and publishers.

If you are interested in writing as a profession, then you should read her articles.  For your convenience, she has just put them all together and published them as an e-book, which I am pleased to link to below.



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