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So, while writing about primaries and taking care of non-blog, non-writing issues, I have found a little time to do some work.  I have been editing the stories I wish to publish, prior to downloading them to Word, which will be prior to uploading them to Amazon.  Also, I took a look at Nook – that is, I went to the Barnes & Noble site to see what they had for authors and, as reported elsewhere, they do have a very similar and FREE publishing service for e-books.  So, once I get the stories on Amazon, I will get them to Nook.  And, yes, before anyone has to tell me, I know that there is also Smashwords and a couple of other services to look into.

Meanwhile, for those patient few who have been reading this and to, perhaps, persuade anyone who happens to be passing through that they want to buy my paying copy when it comes out, I thought I would offer up a free story.  In fact, I have done so.  If you go to the top of the page and click on “Stories,” you will find it.

It is called “About Face.”  I will not bother to describe it – it is fairly short, in fact, the shortest of all my stories.  It is also the oldest.  In my one year of community college, long ago, I took Creative Writing from a professor who published foot poetry.  Or something.  So I wrote a little piece of post-apocalyptic survival science fiction.  Yes, you guessed it, this was in the Seventies.  The course, naturally, put me totally off of writing and it was at least a decade before I even began thinking about those possibilities.

I rewrote “Luther,” as I then called it, many years later, don’t remember when, making it longer and more robust.  I may have been slightly proud of it.  Not sure if any copy of either version exists.  It was years later, probably when I was in Alaska, that the thought occurred to me to rewrite it as a comedy, sort of, washing out all the post-apocalyptic nonsense in the process.  It has remained untouched and mostly unread for a long time now.  I did polish it a little tonight, taking out some of the awkward.

I hope you like it.


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