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Death Markers

Internet was out all day.  Turns out that our new cable box was sending something up the line that was intermittently knocking out the internet in the whole neighborhood.  All is well now.

Driving around today I was reminded of another pet peeve – those flowery markers along the road where somebody died in a car wreck.

Now I do understand it to a point.  Family and friends, grieving for loved one who died in a senseless auto accident, put up one of those markers and promise to maintain it for years to come.  They are in pain and my heart goes out to them.

But I just don’t see the point.  My thinking is, except for a very few who die in acts of heroism, where a person dies is one of the least important things about them.  If you want to memorialize someone, memorialize their life, not their death.

Just think if they had such death markers in hospital rooms.  No patient would get a wink of sleep.

And nobody would ever step foot into a nursing home.


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