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Rule Britannica

News reports yesterday: Encyclopedia Britannica will not have a print edition after this year.

Going under?  No, not in the least.  Their online edition is doing just fine, thank you.

Obviously, it is very hard to maintain a print edition when things change every year and $1400 is a lot of money for something that becomes more and more inaccurate and unusable every year.  I remember using my parent’s three sets of encyclopedias for school projects and, what with the collapse of the British Empire and the rapid march of progress, even the newest one was horribly out of date too often.

I pretty much get by with the Internet these days, mostly Wikipedia.  That Wikipedia seems to annoy academia to distraction just adds to the fun.

By the way, Microsoft stopped publishing Encarta a couple of years ago.  Honestly, I had kind of forgotten about it and, I assume, so had everyone else.


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