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One Small Step for Man

So, I downloaded my three stories from Google Docs to my PC.  Then, for One Man Band, I added a title page and a copyright page, borrowing liberally from a couple of books on my Kindle.  Made sure all looked right, but fought the temptation to reread the story, because if I changed anything, then the Google and Word copies would be out of synch.

Signed into my author’s account on Amazon and added a title.  Uploaded my homemade cover art, proud as the parent of a kindergartner and with just as much reason.  Uploaded the Word file.  Previewed the book on the, well, previewer.  Looked right.  Wrote a short blurb to entice a prospective reader.

One nagging question was answered along the way.  The directions on Amazon had seemed a little unclear.  Most of it seemed to indicate that a Word file was just fine.  Other bits seemed to indicate that this was just the starting point and that I would have to invoke Moby or change it to html or do some other damn fool thing.  But, no, Word is fine and the upload process does whatever converting is necessary all by itself.  If you have a book with a complicated format or with pictures, your experience might be different, but for a text short story, it worked just fine.

Filled in a bunch of logical information about the book, selected category (decided it was SciFi Adventure – well, there is some running in it), listed some keywords to help readers find it.  Given a choice of a 35% or 70% royalty, I chose 35%, as my price is too low to qualify for the other.  Set the price, 99 cents, lowest possible.  Actually set the price multiple times, for various countries, however, all I did for the others was to check a box that said to set it automatically based on my US price.  I imagine it updates the price routinely, perhaps daily, based on currency exchange.

Clicked on Save & Publish.


So, after the twelve hour cooling off period – or whatever it is – anybody who wants to will be able to buy my little short story, but only if they have some kind of Kindle.  Somewhere around 10AM EDT on March 19, 2012, I will be open for business.

No, I do not want you to buy it.

If you are one of the many friends, family, or former colleagues I invited to follow this blog, then all you have to do is email me and I will send you the text for free.  I am not going to get rich – or even earn a very meager living – selling books to my friends.  If you want to recommend it to someone you know, because you think they might like it, that’s fine with me, but I am not asking you to do this.  No pressure.  I invited you here for moral support, maybe even for a little technical help if you thought I had something wrong, but I do not want or need your financial support.  Leave potlatches to the native Alaskans.

Anyhow, tomorrow’s tasks are simple.  Add title and copyright information to the other two stories and upload them as well.  Then find my author’s page and insert propaganda, along with a link to this blog.

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  1. Me
    March 18, 2012 at 10:01 PM

    So exciting!

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