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Two More, with Caveats

Now done uploading the other two stories to Amazon, Gypsy and Iron Man.  Filled in a brief bio on my author’s page and have a link pointing here.  Good so far.

However, there is a problem with both stories as far as formatting.  Gypsy got loaded into Word with spacing between paragraphs.  I fixed it in Word, but now it is there in the Kindle previewer.  Also, both stories seem to have a problem with indentation: sometimes the first line of a paragraph is indented, as it should be, but sometimes the whole paragraph is indented.  Do not remember seeing this on One Man Band, but I suppose I should look at it again.  Tonight I will be in maintenance mode.

So, three stories in – once the new two get out of purgatory – and ready for more.  Except that I do not have more, just yet.

Then there is the KDP Select thing, which allows me some special consideration for being exclusive to Amazon for ninety days.  Will need to read the materials a little more thoroughly, but it might be the thing to do.  I don’t think I am in any hurry to get on Nook, as some of Barnes & Noble’s policies seem a little frightening, at first glance – stuck in the past, they are.  Need to look at Smashwords before I decide.  Still, Amazon is the 900 pound gorilla in this room.

My next major task, though, will be writing something new.  Well, not entirely new.  I want to take my novella Lifeboats and make it novel-length.  Easy enough to do; the novella is a collection of vignettes, so all I need to do is add more in between and I already know what most of them will be.  Once done with this, I need to take another look at CreateSpace and see if I want to go that route, making a physical copy available.  Maybe.


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