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The March of Mediocrity

The Republicans seem committed to the notion of nominating Mitt Romney for President of the United States.  Apparently, the Dole and McCain debacles taught them nothing about nominating uninspiring moderates whose only promise is to keep the money flowing and whose only vision is of where they will live for four years – maybe eight.  Come the Fall, he will cross swords with another uninspired Democrat, whose only promise is to keep the money flowing in a slightly different direction.

I do not understand how we get to the same place, every four years, no matter which parties are in contention.  A horde of politicians do battle to gain the nomination of their party, while most of the public cannot garner enough enthusiasm for any of them.  By the time we get to this point, early Spring, although the conventions are many months away, we are told that there is no real choice and the surviving member of the horde is the only choice we can make.  If we do not “unite” behind the candidate now, all we do is ensure his demise in the Fall.

I think this is a load of poppycock myself, perpetrated by the combination of party elders, who want the tax spigots left full on and wish to avoid boat-rocking, and a media that is adverse to unfamiliar stories and unscripted contests.  How much better would 2008 have been if both parties had fought all the way to and through the conventions.  Even if they eventually wound up with the same nominees, they would have been better defined.

Which may be the answer to my own question, in this day of political stealth, where a candidate with fewer acknowledged positions polls higher, because it is harder to tie him to controversy.  We favor candidates that are blank slates, because we can then project our own beliefs and aspirations onto them, and the candidates, wishing to win election, do their best to avoid being pinned down, because they do not wish to break that illusion.  Being all things to all people does not require forthrightness, it requires judo.

So, as I have done for twenty years, I will end up not voting for a major party nominee, in punishment for not nominating somebody who holds and espouses the beliefs of their party’s rank and file membership.  If enough people did this, both major parties would be forced to nominate people of opinions and ideas and campaigns could become contests of ideas instead of personalities – as they were always meant to be.


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