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Text Success

I indented the text of Iron Man in MS Word (nevermind Amazon/KDP will do that for you in conversion) and then saved the page as Web Page, Filtered, which stores it as an htm file.  Uploaded this and previewed: almost perfect.  The first paragraph was indented, which it wasn’t in my file and I do not think should be, and italics, which are sort of important for this particular story, are difficult to discern from regular text.  Still, I don’t think I am going to get it any better.  Done and published.  Now that I have the secret formula, I will do the other two stories tomorrow night.

By the way, why does Microsoft go to such great lengths to hide file extensions from us?  I had to go through a few twists to discover that the file was, in fact, stored as file.htm.  Sure, if they want to focus on visual clues and icons, I will not complain, but I have gone down this road before and it is often dashed difficult to determine file extensions in Windows when you need them.  “What kind of file is that, sir?”  “I don’t know.  Looks sort of like a pumpkin.”

This should all be a bit easier.


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