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Try On a New Johnson

So, I obviously have little good to say about Mitt Romney, Ron Paul has got about as much chance of getting the nomination as Barbra Streisand, and I certainly have no love nor respect for the current office-holder, so who would I support in the presidential race?  Gary Johnson, of course.

Who is Gary Johnson?  He is a two-term governor of New Mexico who was briefly in the GOP race.  He has since changed his tack and is pursuing the Libertarian Party nomination.  If he gets it, he will be on the ballot in every – or nearly every – state in The Union.  I won’t tell you if you should support him or not, I will just link to his site below and you can decide for yourself.

But please do realize that, come November, as happens every four years, you will be given a choice between a Democrat, who wants to take and spend all your money, a Republican, who wants to take and spend all your money, and a Libertarian, who wants to give you your money back.  Tough choice, I know.


If you like what you see, you can lend support here:



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