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Blog Clogged

So, I am sitting here looking at my 2011 Dilbert calendar – right on top of things, as always – and Dilbert is raising his hand in a meeting and saying “I want my unwarranted optimism back.”  Guess I understand that.

Have barely written anything this week.  Been busy.  Shoulder hurts when I sit up.  Plenty of excuses.

Still reeling from last week.  I wrote something that had been festering for years about how things might have turned out different for the Titanic, if only someone had thought it through in that first half hour of total panic.  Then, when I was looking around the net to see if anyone else had come up with the idea, I came upon a discussion on an economics blog, teased my opinion on the matter and linked to my blog.  Then things took off – my site started getting hits.  I usually only get a couple a day, but now I had twenty.  Then the host of the other blog – a nice economics professor who writes for CATO and his blog is now added to my blogroll, stage right – added a comment over there with nice words for my piece and linked to it again.  That’s when it really took off and, over the next two days, I got over a hundred hits.  I also think I got a little help from old friend Betterose Ryan, as we had just traded a couple of notes about Gary Johnson’s campaign.

Okay, 124 hits, thus far, is not exactly going viral, but it is more action than I have seen since I wrote my good-bye piece when I stepped down as chair of the LP of CO – and people had only read that to make sure I was leaving.  Cannot say that I mind the visits.  On the other hand, there was only one comment on it, other than the professor’s, in either blog, so I cannot say if people liked what they read or thought it too far-fetched and immediately dismissed it from their minds.  I am just going to choose to believe that, having read it, they liked it and, therefore, did not comment on it.  Maybe.

Meanwhile, our hero, fresh from his early success, wants a repeat.

Okay.  How?

Simple, really.  Just write something topical, a fresh perspective on something lots of people are talking about.  Then take that opinion to other websites where people are talking about it, tease it, and link to it.  As I said, simple.

My stepson’s birthday is on Friday.  I should probably go shopping.


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  1. John G
    April 23, 2012 at 1:00 PM

    Being topical is one the keys to getting many hits. Some people use this tactic to increase hits on sites they are doing advertising on. They will post an article on whatever is the lead on Google news, especially the entertainment section. If you don’t feel icky about it, try an article George Zimmerman or Lady Gaga.

    However, if you do, consider that you are doing exactly what the media does at that point. Instead of looking for something unique to write on, you are leveraging what is popular to get hits (viewership).

    I thought your Titanic observations were very insightful. I’m at a point with little time to correspond.

    I’m not sure why other people read and don’t comment. If they are constantly surfing their computers and phones like I see many people, they probably limit commenting to places they consider part of their “community.”

    I never “like’ anything because it demands a second login for the day.
    I wouldn’t worry about a lack of “likes” or “comments.” You are just dealing with everyday reality.

    From a marketing standpoint, you need to figure out how to tie a hot topic back to one of your books. Even if you get a few bites from it, it could lead to more word of mouth for your fiction.

    Congratulations on your small burst of fame. May it be the beginning of something larger.

    • April 23, 2012 at 1:19 PM

      Thanks, John. I hadn’t meant that I expected everybody to comment – I mostly lurk myself. I just thought a few people would. But probably the commenters on other blogs I go to – up to three or four now – represent only a small fraction of the readership.

      Yes, something topical that might lead to one of my supposed books. No, not Lady Gaga. Zimmerman, maybe, but for whatever reason, this particular major news story totally escaped my notice when it first occurred. I find I have few opinions on it. Maybe Richard Branson has something going on.

      And, no, I don’t really have to hit on the national hot topics – not really my style and I detest the media as much as you do. I only need something that is topical to a certain community.

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