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Open Memo to Michael Cloud

Dear Michael:

Just got my Liberator Online email today – been getting them for over ten years.  (For you lurkers, it is a monthly (?) newsletter from Advocates for Self Government, a non-partisan group that teaches people how to talk about the benefits of freedom to people in general)  Listed prominently in the Liberator was the fact that you  have got a new book out.

Michael Emerling Cloud, you are one of the stalwarts of the freedom movement and probably its best speaker.  You have a lot to teach, so it is well you have another book out.

So, the first thing I thought of when I saw the ad was, could I get it on my Kindle?  Oddly, as I researched it, no.  Okay, maybe you just haven’t had time yet.

Looked a little further, went on Amazon and looked for Michael Cloud.

One book – and not for the Kindle.  Yes, there were some other books by Michael J. Cloud, but that does not appear to be you.

So, Michael, if I may politely ask, “What the *hell* is the matter with you?”  I mean, really, I have three ebooks out on Amazon – it is easy.  And you actually have readers!

Not only is the Kindle the wave of the very near future – have you noticed the news stories about Kindles, Nooks, Ipads, and tablets in the past year? – it makes distribution a breeze.  Your readers, poor hard-working freedom advocates, will be able to pay less for the book, increasing sales, while you and the publisher make just as much money if not more.

And not just for your new book!  No, you can publish all your old ones at virtually no cost.  Heck, not even just your books; you can also publish your audio productions electronically through Amazon.

Okay, I suppose you have some publishing deal with Advocates that you think makes this unworkable.  It doesn’t.  Advocates can set up a store on Amazon.  When people go through Advocates’ website to buy an ebook or audio program from Amazon, Advocates will make extra money.  Really, it is win-win for all concerned.

Let me be a little frank here – the quality of many of Advocates’ products has always been a little bit… questionable.  But if you and Advocates could concentrate on digital products going forward – don’t forget, the backbone of the freedom movement is the tech crowd, early adopters – you could vastly improve the quality of your products while lowering the price.  Or does the thought of increasing sales frighten you.

So come on, man!  It is an election year and people could use your products right now!  A few days work, a little help from the techie volunteers you know you have access to, and you could have this up and running by the end of the month.

What are you waiting for?

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