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Sine Wave or Tangent

You may have noticed that I haven’t posted much lately.  Started well enough, I think, but I have obviously tapered.

Part of the problem is length.  I look at some blogs and the writer manages to convey a thought or express an opinion in a few sentences, while I take that long to clear my throat.  Just can’t think of anything short to say.  Okay, how about: neither Obama nor Romney have any goal or desire except as to who should be president for the next four years.  That was short and simple.

Okay, there was my recent back injury and sitting in a chair was about the worst thing I could do to myself for about three weeks.  That had to have had some effect.  Oh, and work was pretty busy, what with Memorial Day Weekend in the Hamptons and stuff.  Also, there is the new puppy, a Boston Terrier, not my idea, who craves – nay, demands! – attention.

I would like to say that the time I spend blogging is time I could spend writing, so I have just been too busy writing.  Sounds good, but probably only slightly true.  Haven’t done much writing either.

Except for yesterday.  I actually wrote a page of my expanded version of Lifeboats.  I had outlined a lot of stuff in the last two months, but this was the first time I had actually written one of the new sections.  It is very short, just a conversation between two men, but I like it.  One of them is supposed to be German and I am not so sure I carried it off – will look again.

See, that’s about nineteen sentences so far and they are about nothing, like a Seinfeld episode, but less funny.  We’ll see what happens next.

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