The List

There are a few people in my life who are on The Republican List.

What?  You don’t know about The Republican List?  Maybe you call it something else.  You see, they get these emails, usually a couple a day, and send them to everyone they know who haven’t filed a restraining order.

These are, of course, political emails.  Some of them are jokes – or at least meant to be – with Obama always being the punch line.  The rest are about Obama, his wife, members of his administration, or Democrat congressional leaders, detailing some outrage they have committed or spoken.

The problem with these emails is, they aren’t true.  Every time I go to check – Snopes, Urban Legends, Wikipedia, or just plain Google searches – they turn out to be mostly or completely untrue.  Often the emails are years old, though they purport to be current.  Often the emails written about Obama were originally about Bush.  Or Clinton.

What really unsettles me, however, is that whoever originates these emails and sends them down the list don’t care if they are true or not.  Just not important, you see.

What is important is anger.  Anger is everything.

The originators of these things – be they employees of the GOP or campaigns or just internet lurkers who think they are working for The Cause – want you to be angry as hell.  They want you livid.   They want to make sure that, no matter what happens, you will arrive at the polls in November to vote out Obama.  They want you seething and seeing red.

You see, if they can get you to vote Republican out of sheer rage and fear, their job is done.  They don’t have to win your vote.  They don’t have to campaign on issues of importance, they don’t have to tie themselves to positions they don’t want to take, and they don’t have to cut ties with certain of their contributors.  All they have to do is make you angry, keep you angry, and coast to Election Day.

Don’t get me wrong.  Obama deserves to lose reelection like no other president in history.  There is ample reason for this, for anyone willing to look for it.  But instead of fighting with the truth on their side, instead of using moral persuasion, instead of debating issues on merits, these political cretins want to use lies and smears, shamelessly, easily.  I would not want them on my side.  I will not forward their emails, even on the rare day that they are actually right about something.

Yes, of course there is – has to be – The Democrat List, where people are treated to the comedic stylings and half-truths of Al Franken and others of his ilk.  Just the other day, a liberal family member reared up in disgust and indignation at the mere mention of Romney’s name.  I mean, it couldn’t have been for anything that Romney said or did; he hasn’t said or done anything of importance in his life, yet this dear woman was fit to be tied just having to contemplate his existence.  Certainly, he is being smeared and trashed by workers of the left as Obama is by workers of the right.

You want an end to dirty politics and dirty politicians?  You want campaigns to focus on what is real and what is truly important to you?  You want an election season that doesn’t make you feel the need to shower repeatedly?  Simply stop giving the cretins what they want.  Make them work for your vote, don’t just give it to them.  Punish those who use lies and deception as a matter of course.

Vote for something, not against.


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