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Africa Hot

It has been pretty hot in the Northeast the past couple of days.  Africa hot, as Neil Simon would say.

It wasn’t like we eased into it, either.  The temperature just shot up.  We have been in the low nineties for two days.

Naturally, this is when the pool decides to spring a leak – where, we have  no idea.  Also, just to add to the Book of Job routine, this heatwave comes right at the start of pool heater season.

You see, my family is in the home heating business, fuel oil and propane, and this past winter had been one of the warmest on record, so while it was great for our customers, it was less than great for us.  Now, we have a strong heatwave, probably for another couple of days, just when schools are letting out and people with school kids should be coming out to their vacation homes and flipping on the pool heaters.

Some will not care and will turn on the pool heaters anyhow, firm in the belief that pool water can never be warm enough, and the people I am talking about can easily afford to do so.  Others, however, will agree with George Carlin that “hot water doesn’t need to be heated,” and away will go what little profit margin we get out of summer.

So, here is hoping that we have a lot of cold, rainy weekdays and beautiful sunny weekends that people want to swim in.  Flame on!


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