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A Little Fear

Have not had anything to say about the mass homicide in Aurora.  Of course, that has not stopped the media, who tried like crazy to come up with something original to say after the initial facts were laid out.  Five hours in, one channel was actually interviewing a coroner from another part of the country, asking what it was that coroners in Aurora would be hoping to find in the bodies of the victims.  My suspicion is that, if you are really interested in that level of detail, you watch and read a lot of crime stories and already know.  But the press does better for itself if it can raise fears – people watch them more closely.  The press raises fears, then the politicians come along afterwards and promise to soothe them.

I remember September 11th, when I finally got to my office at MCI, looking out the glass walls of the building at the flat plains leading away east of the city.  What would I do if a plane came flying in, heading straight for us?  Because, obviously, after the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, the next logical terror target was a corporate software shop in a mid-size western city.  No, I did not seriously believe it, even as I thought it – just a lingering fear, devoid of logic.  I stayed at my desk that day – though I might have left a little early – and throughout the week, sitting with my back to the window.  Mostly.

So I really want to see Dark Knight Rises, which unfortunately will always be stained by the event, just like Taxi Driver.  I will see it, I think, before the week is over, maybe even tomorrow.  But there is that little fear, lingering just out of sight.  What happens if it actually was some sort of plot, with others poised to leap as soon as things start to quiet down?  What happens if there are copy-cats?

No, it is not a serious concern – not enough to keep me out of the theater.  Even if we assume that there are a couple of copy-cats out there, getting ready to strike, I think the odds favor me getting killed in an auto accident on the way to the theater than my actually being at the same theater for the same showing as either of said copy-cats.  Still and all, I will increase my survival odds by going to a matinee – much less of a target.  And cheaper.

But that little, uncontrollable fear will still be there.  And I will remain vigilante, aware of my surroundings.  And that will take me out of the movie, somewhat.



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