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Lots of things to write about, but very little to say just now.

My Mother-in-Law passed away last week.  We have mostly been dealing with all that followed.

Consequently, my own mother was in town, so we had a visit.  Went to see my aunt.

Funerals are like a final exam, where you get to see all the people you have sort of met over the years and attempt to remember their names.

Wedding anniversary yesterday – I think.

Work-related things got put on the back burner during all this.  Now they are back, full force.

The person in my house – can’t really call her a tenant, as she has not paid rent in four months – is being evicted tomorrow.

I understand something big is going on in London.  Not really watching.

Just starting to read Joseph Conrad’s “The Secret Agent” based on a recommendation.  It was recommended to me forty years ago, just getting to it now.  Think they made a movie out of it some time ago.  Anyhow, it is public domain, so the Kindle price is just right.

Writing?  Hah.  As I said, unfocused.


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