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News by Category

Looked at a news site today and noticed the technology section.  The stories related to stock prices of various tech companies, a lawsuit, and Microsoft rolling out a new logo.  There was no news about actual technology in the Technology section.  There rarely is.

This is not just a technology thing.  Sports news, as little as I look at it, is often full of the private lives of sports figures, divorces, weddings, affairs, babies, murders, DWIs, statements on political topics.  So-called entertainment news is much the same.

Political news, of course, suffers greatly from this, with most of the stories being about the personalities, the horse-race, and the gotcha statements.  Rarely is there a story about the actual issues and even more rarely is the story written from an unbiased perspective.

Some of this is the media selling what it thinks sells – and they always underestimate the intelligence of their audience.  But much of it is just the result of the sad state of affairs in today’s journalism.  The people writing the stories often have no particular background in the subject they have been assigned to, so they cannot write a meaningful story on technology or sports or public policy.  But they know how to write about a racy divorce!  They know how to write a story about a stupid statement taken out of context.

So, we get to read the same interchangeable stories, again and again, with the serial numbers rubbed off and the names changed, and most of the stories are negative.  No wonder we always despair for the future.  Everybody is rotten – just read the news!


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