Means Tested

Russell Means has passed away at age 72.  He was an activist on Native American issues (he called himself an Indian) and had some involvement with Wounded Knee.  He was also an actor, playing the titular Chingachgook in “The Last of the Mohicans” in 1992, as well as some other roles over the years.
I met Mr. Means at the state Libertarian convention in Denver in 2001, where he spoke.  In what became my last official duty as Public Information Director for the state party, I moderated Mr. Means’ press conference, not that he needed much moderating.  He was, if I remember, strongly considering a run for governor (New Mexico?) under the LP banner, though it eventually fell through.

This event turned out to be very important in my life, because since I was in one room running a press conference, I could not be in another room where they were taking nominations for party officers.  That is how I became state chairman.


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