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More than a Shrug

Got to watch Atlas Shrugged, Part Duex a couple of weeks ago, the one week it was in the theater, but didn’t have time to write about it then.  All in all, not so bad.  Better than Part One, in my opinion.  Better cast, more going on, some of the subplots starting to resolve themselves.  Still low budget, to be sure, but not horribly so.  The man playing Rearden had real presence.

Yes, much was left out.  This is always the case with movies.  Turn a movie into a book without expanding it and you would have less than a two-hundred page paperback.  Turn an 1100 page book into a movie without editing it and it would be an eleven hour experience.  At least.  Even Peter Jackson hasn’t quite managed that, even with expanded editions.

One real perk in the movie: you get to hear Teller speak.  Not much, just a throwaway scene, but it was cute.  (Trivia: the only one to say a word in Mel Brooks’ Silent Movie was…  Marcel Marceau)  Oh, and they sort of lampoon the Occupy movement along the way.  D. B. Sweeney is credited as John Galt, but you don’t really see him, just a silhouette, leaving open the opportunity to recast him, even if the rest of the cast stays on.

In any case, if you didn’t get to see it in the theater, go buy the video when it comes out.  I really want to see a Part Three.


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