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Still Here

Okay, so the storm went past on Monday.  Very heavy winds on Monday afternoon, but we retained power throughout the day.  Around 7PM, the winds had slacked off considerably and we were having dinner, when the lights went out.  Just as well, we caught up on three or four nights of not enough sleep.

Some trees went down and we lost a piece of siding.  Nothing worse than that.  We got our lights back after dinner on Tuesday night.

Father-in-law fared less well – the bay flooded over his lawn again, killed his freshwater fish, and flooded his crawlspace.  He is still without power.

The dunes on the barrier beach have been flattened – the ocean must have been coming right over for a wide swath.  Not much damage to structures out there, so far as I know right now, but a major flattening, like this area hasn’t seen since the hurricane of 38.

My brother, who lives thirty miles west of here, had more damage and may be without power for some time.  The tales get worse the farther west you go.  The city took it pretty bad in parts and the Jersey shore is, reportedly, devastated.

We really lucked out here.  We did not get the day and a half of heavy rain that was forecast for just before the storm, so the trees had a little more solid dirt to hang onto.   The storm also went a little south of what was forecast, so we did not quite get the sustained winds we expected.  But, again, the farther west you go, the worse it gets.

One oddity of note: I do not seem to have the ability to start a generator.  Not sure why – no different than a lawn mower, in the important respects.

The fire whistles (for you city people, these are large sirens used to summon volunteer firemen, who all carry pagers anyhow) have been non-stop since three days before the storm.  Lots of people having lots of trouble, which happens when roads turn into ponds, candles are used for illumination, and electrical wires become something less than horizontal.  And, as people clean up storm damage, accidents happen.

It is going to be a couple of weeks for things to get back to normal around here.  Folks to the west have got a bad couple of months coming.


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