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Starting Over

Haven’t had much to say about the election.  Naturally, the Republicans could not defeat an extremely failed president, even after nominating an “electable” (read: rudderless) candidate.  I had thought they should be able to, even bought into the Romney Landslide theories, based on the people who were presenting them.  But no.

So now let the recriminations sally forth and spread the blame as far as possible.  In the end, the Democrats won’t really know why they won and the Republicans won’t really know why they lost, especially if they view things through the filter of the major media outlets.  Meanwhile, for the rest of us, life will go on.  For my part, I don’t quite believe the prophets of doom and gloom.  Even Obama cannot permanently damage the country.  Only we can do that.

But the one bright spot on election night was Gary Johnson.  He will have won, when the final totals come in, over 1.2 million votes.  That is the all-time high for the Libertarian Party and doubles turncoat Bob Barr’s totals from four years ago.  Yet better news comes from William Redpath.  After being burned by Bob Barr’s rapid departure from the party (not that I missed him), the LP was cautious when Johnson came to them last fall.  Johnson told them that, should he lose in November – a good bet – he would run again in 2016 and spend the intervening years helping build the party.

Which leaves me in a quandary, because I would sorta like to help.  Not that I have time for it.  My current job keeps me tied to a desk long hours.  What spare time I do have I try to spend writing – which I have actually been doing a lot of the last couple of months and hope to have my next supposed novel done early in the new year.

Still, Suffolk County has 1.5 million people, so about a third the population of Colorado, which I ran the LP of, and probably four times the population of El Paso County, which I also ran the LP of (with lots of help, in both cases).  So, maybe I should integrate myself into the county party in the new year, determine if it is a political party or a discussion group, and determine my next step from there.  A little rusty, but I should be able to bring something to the table.

The real trick will be northeastern politics.  Colorado is home to Galt’s Gulch.  New York is home to The New York Times, the three major networks, Charles Schumer, and Broadway.  People think differently here and, even though I was raised here, I don’t always understand it.  To be a Republican in most places in New York, you sorta have to be dedicated, so if I want to find libertarian converts and voters, I will have to strip them from the Democrats.  It is the majority party that has to fracture.  Not impossible, by any means, but not really what I was trained to do.  I must unlearn.  I must figure out what sells liberty in a land that views Mitt Romney as some sort of conservative.

Or maybe not.  Sounds like a lot of work.  But Johnson is probably the best chance the party has ever had to grow and change the outcome.

Maybe I’ll start paying dues again.  Yeah.  That’s a start.


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