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On Balance

December 31, 2012 Leave a comment

Just a quick note, after a long absence.  Saw a news headline today that said something close to “Negotiators close on taxes, but no agreement on spending.”  Does it have to be said that the two are inextricably linked?  They tax and they spend.  Whatever they spend must come from taxes, either openly or through borrowing.  It is simple math.

I have never spent a lot of time fretting over the “fiscal cliff” in any case.  All it is, is another excuse to raise taxes, another emergency generated to give them cover for what they want to do anyway.  They need as much of our money as possible to keep paying off their friends and contributors.  That Republicans and Democrats, left and right, legislative and executive “agree on taxes,” I am less than surprised.

Happy New Year.



Something New

Haven’t spent much time writing here, because I have been spending a fair amount of time writing.  Still hoping to finish my supposed novel by year’s end, though it might be a few more weeks than that.

Meanwhile, I took some time off from writing to do some writing.  Had an idea pop into my head and decided to get it down on pseudo paper.  It may be the shortest thing I’ve ever written, but don’t worry, I think there is a book in there, eventually.  It is called “Deliver in Daylight” and I put it up there on my Free Fiction page, so go have a gander when you have a moment.

Yeah, I know.  I’ll come back and play with the formatting at some point.  WordPress doesn’t make it easy.  Or maybe it is a Google Docs thing.


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