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The Next Contestant

Now that the bill to repeal presidential term limits has failed (honestly, nobody thought it would pass), the Democrats now have to start building up their next presidential candidate.  Obviously, it won’t be Biden – unless he inherits the office and I’m not even sure about it then.  Pretty sure I know who they are thinking of.

The other night on TV appeared a public interest spot.  It had a bunch of Hollywood types – I remember one was Pacino – saying nice things about helping victims from Hurricane Sandy.  They were short statements, got shorter, until each one of them got to intone “Rebuild!”  Then, the screen went dark, some text appeared on the screen, and an announcer dramatically intoned something like “Help Governor Cuomo help the victims of Sandy.”


Also, this week, Cuomo came out strongly in favor of restructuring LIPA.  For those who don’t live on Long Island, this is the Long Island Power Authority, the local electric utility.  It used to be LILCO, when they called such things “lighting companies,” but they fell afoul of a nuclear reactor, went belly-up, and were restructured then into LIPA.

Thing is, Cuomo has stated, loudly, that he wants to privatize it!  This is somewhat of a surprise, because the New York, leftist-liberal base that elected him are probably scandalized by the idea.  However, they are going to support him regardless and it is just the sort of move a politician might make if he were preparing for a national campaign and wanted to attract less-leftist Democrats in the primaries and independents in the national election.

So, I would be very surprised if he didn’t make a stab at it.  Of course, you should remember, this is the man who, while running HUD, came up with the rules that forced banks to make mortgages to people who could not afford them.

Yes, he caused the housing crisis and the following downturn.  No, not all by himself – it was a team effort, by both teams – but he had a major piece go out under his name.


  1. jgelt
    January 10, 2013 at 10:26 PM

    You may be right. I was wondering why PBS was giving him so much air time.

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