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Turns out that, when I wrote the last post, I was already on the Premium Catalog (or whatever) for Smashwords.  Nothing more to do but wait.  Understand it takes a few weeks for things to show up on other websites.

Oh and, by the way, should I happen to sell a book on one or more of the other sites, they pay Smashwords who, in turn, would pay me.  Theoretically.  Someday.  In the fullness of time.

The royalty structure is a little different for the “partner resellers” than they are for direct sales on Smashwords – just as Smashword’s royalties are a little different than Amazon’s – but they are not that different and a sale is a sale.

It is important, should any of you make the journey, to keep the price the same between ebook platforms.  Most of your service agreements require this, more or less.  You don’t want to be de-listed because somebody’s web sniffer found your book at a different price elsewhere.  This also makes the temporary sale price (or zero price) problematic.

Print books?  If anybody ever goes there?  You can have a different price for that – though I suspect it would be in your interest to have all your print books (same type of course – not comparing paperback to hardcover) at the same price, as there are probably agreements for that as well.  But that little problem would be your publisher’s issue, not yours.


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So, there I was, investigating PubIt, which is Barnes & Noble’s ebook publisher for their Nook.  Turned out, they wanted a credit card, which I found odd.    Further investigation found that they wanted the credit card in case there were more returns of your books in one month than there were sales.  They would charge you, in that case.  Not something I would expect to happen very often.

But that same search turned up the fact that I could get on the Nook through Smashwords instead.

Turns out, if you format everything in accordance with their style guide, Smashwords will get you on every platform BUT the Kindle.  So, publish on Amazon and publish on Smashwords – make sure you charge the same price on both – and you are on most major ebook platforms.  And Smashwords doesn’t ask for a credit card, so I guess they aren’t that worried about returns.

So, I have Lifeboats published on Smashwords.  I am waiting for their final review to see if I qualify for the Premium Catalog, which most books do, which is how you get on the other platforms.  Once that is done, I will spend a couple of hours getting the short stories onto Smashwords and it will be onto the next thing.

What next thing?

Stay tuned.


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More from the Mind of Google

April 3, 2013 1 comment

What will they think of next?  Play the video.


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