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Another Smash

Another small triumph last weekend.  I took the three short stories that I published on Kindle last year and published them on Smashwords.  They are all now accepted on Premium, which means they will start showing up on other ebook stores soon, like Kobe and iTunes.

The biggest hassle was, like I had to do for Lifeboats, expanding the size of the book covers.  They need to be so many pixels wide and tall.  Luckily, there is a free website that does that for you.


A little bit non-intuitive, but it does the job.

I made a couple of sales and a lot of people sampled them.  Apparently, some folks hang out on Smashwords’ Recently Published page and sniff ’em as they go by.

Next step is to add the Smashwords links to this blog’s Unfree Fiction page.  Will add other links as they become available.

I guess the next trick is to get The Vanguard ready for publication.  This will be a bit of a trick, as it currently exists as something like twenty-seven chapters in twenty-seven files on Google Drive.  I will have to create a Word document for the whole thing, paste in the chapters one at a time, then do all the reformatting bits at one time.  I will start with the Smashwords edition, then see if I can publish that on Amazon without changes.

Gonna need a cover for it.  (Odd – this spell checker likes “gonna,” but doesn’t like “Smashwords,” no matter how many times I use it.)  Also, I am planning to release this under a pseudonym, which in Smashwords means either a separate account or an upgrade to a publisher account – not sure about Amazon.


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