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So, the week before last, Brenda and I went up to New Hampshire, where she got to go to a conference (Women in Energy) and I got to play with my Mom for a day.  We had dinner at my sister’s as well.  After the conference, we raced back to the New London ferry, getting home late.

Worked a couple of days, then ushered at the local community theater – “How the Other Half Loves,” a sort of bedroom farce, not too bad – getting home after 11PM.  At 6AM the next morning, we found ourselves at the airport, loading onto a flight to Ft. Lauderdale.

We arrived at my father-in-law’s condo in Pompano Beach – after a large breakfast at a local restaurant – before noon.  We mostly relaxed and recovered from the jet lag (of the same-time-zone variety) that first day, last Sunday.  We were on a mission, to remove and replace some of the furniture in the condo, which could not be delivered while my father-in-law was still there.  In the end, it took three days to complete.  We flew back on Thursday evening.

Most of the waiting time was spent reading.  We did manage to get out to see Vizcaya, an old mansion in Miami that I can assure you that you have seen many pictures of over the years.  I had last seen it when I was about eight years old, so I thought another trip was in order.  Found I really didn’t remember that much about it.  Thursday morning saw us driving out to the edge of the Everglades, where we loaded onto a air boat and rode around for about an hour.

Next trip down, I would like to visit the Miami Planetarium, which is just a few blocks from Vizcaya.  It was run for nearly forty years by Jack Horkheimer, who you may remember from the old Star Hustler backyard astronomy shorts on PBS.  I was sad to learn that Jack died a few years ago, from some lifelong lung ailment which was the source of his odd speaking style.

Meanwhile, during my travels, there were two major concerns distracting me.  First was my thirty-one year old nephew being in the hospital with major intestinal issues.  He has been in the hospital for nearly four weeks, but is supposed to be coming home today, though that has been said a few times in the past.  Post-operative issues, primarily.  There is a reason his hospital is the most feared on Long Island.

Secondly, Colorado is burning again.  Nearly five hundred homes, more than 15% of the homes in Black Forest, have been destroyed.  I have friends who were evacuated, though they are back home now.  I cannot believe that I don’t know somebody who lost their home.  Between the storms here and the fires there over the past year, it is enough to kindle a survivalist spirit.  (I really want to get a generator installed this summer.)

My travels are over for the short term and I now have to settle into a summer routine.  I am trying to divorce myself from day-to-day operations as much as possible, so that I can focus on projects that need doing.  There is lots that I want to do, but my main task is to streamline the new customer process, to make it easier on both the prospective customers and on the office staff.

Oh yeah, and I want to write.  And work on the house (well, have it worked on, really).  And get some exercise.  And see more movies.  And maybe even get back into politics.

Soon.  Yeah, soon.


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