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Password Protection

Not having an original thought in my head of late, I will simply copy the letter below from The Consent Chronicle, in the hopes that more people might see it.

For a dozen years, the FBI and NSA have spied on Americans and shredded the Constitution. They say the Patriot Act “authorizes” their abuses. That means…

If you repeal the Patriot Act, they have NO authorization!

This is increasingly urgent, because their snooping is only getting worse…

– The feds are demanding web firms hand over master encryption keys that shield my private Internet activities (http://shar.es/kR364)
– and they even want my passwords! (http://shar.es/kRHgV)

Hacking into my private data and communications is THE SAME THING as going through my possessions and papers without a court-issued search warrant… BRAZENLY stomping on the Fourth Amendment.

But even if the Fourth Amendment never existed, this activity is IMMORAL…
– It’s immoral to force Internet companies to break privacy agreements with customers
– A State that spies on its own people creates a culture of fear and self-censorship

I DO NOT CONSENT to this morally bankrupt behavior!

Rein in snoops like the FBI and NSA. Cut-off funding for their programs that violate the Fourth Amendment.

And REPEAL the Patriot Act!

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