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Loring Revisited

In the late Seventies, I was stationed at Loring AFB in extreme northern Maine.  Canada was ten miles east AND ten miles north.  It ceased being an Air Force Base around twenty years ago and the locals have since struggled to find productive uses for the property.  They must have had a few successes.

Recently, I was able to spend a few minutes looking at satellite images, courtesy of Google Maps.  It seems most of what I knew, the buildings around which my life revolved, are gone now.

All of the octopus barracks buildings have been leveled, along with the mess hall and the post office underneath.  Gone is my office, though Dock 22 next door, where we stored our water trucks and hose carts, still stands.  All of the housing area, where married friends and coworkers lived, flattened.  All of the pump houses for the flightline fuel system are gone, along with the control pits, though I see a couple of large above-ground tanks next to a building that might represent a replacement hydrant system.  At the bulk storage area, the tanks are all standing, though probably rusting, while the office building, pump houses, fillstands, bottom loaders, and piping are all gone.  My only regular haunts that are still there are the base theater – which I have no idea what has happened to it – and the NCO (actually, all ranks) Club, which I believe is a local restaurant.

But the biggest change with Loring turns out to be my old friend Nick.  Here he is today:


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