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A Slow Summer

I was going to write something else – and may still after this – but as I checked my email and websites and logged into WordPress, I was once again reminded of something:  The Hamptons suck!

Bandwidth, that is.

I imagine this is a common refrain for anyone who lives in a seasonal tourist area, but it is a fact that our population out here swells amazingly in the summer, especially on the weekends, and to a somewhat lesser amount during Spring and Autumn weekends.  The puts a strain on resources – roads, utilities, stores, restaurants – during the tourist season that otherwise doesn’t exist.  Nobody wants to build more resources for minimal return.

So too the cable and phone companies.  From their perspective, there is simply little to be gained by building out their infrastructure out here for just a handful of days of use.  So, during the weekend, the internet is slow.  Cell phone calls are garbled and dropped.  It is enough to make one question the wisdom of working in The Cloud.

I guess I should look into what a satellite connection would cost, though I doubt it would be worth it – again, because we are only talking a handful of days.  Maybe I should just use Judo and find a place to go in Manhattan on the weekends, where I can “borrow” somebody’s wI-fi.

Or…  I could stage a festival of hopelessly self-indulgent and expensive art somewhere in Brookhaven Town and never be bothered out here again.



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