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Who Knew?

It is fifty years today since the Kennedy Assassination, which I just about remember, mostly because my cartoons were taken off television for days.

This, of course, means that it is fifty years tomorrow since Doctor Who first graced television screens in England.  It was supposed to start on the 22nd, but got bumped by the major news headlines of the day.  Tomorrow, on BBC and BBC America, they will be showing a special episode – I will see it on Monday in a movie theater.

So, you may think that the Kennedy thing is much more important, what with a possible coup by intelligence sources or the mob and with a possible course change on Vietnam.  Important, no doubt, if true, but meanwhile, over the past fifty years, the Doctor has saved this planet countless times, plus many other planets, plus the entire Universe, plus many other universes.  What could be more important?

The longevity of this series is truly amazing, the single biggest reason for it being a contrived plot device that has allowed them to change the lead actor at will, whenever the series got stale.  Even during the sixteen years that the program was on hiatus, there was a television movie, numerous radio plays, and countless novels of variable quality.  They are now up to Doctor Number 11, Matt Smith, who is stepping down at the end of this year’s Christmas special, to be replaced by Number 12, Peter Capaldi.

Just in case you wanted to look and see what the series is like, here is a clip from a recent episode.  The current season – Series 7 of the new Who – has not always hit the mark, but they often hit it big at unexpected times.  This scene comes at the end of an otherwise lackluster episode and it shows that the series can still do magic and that Matt Smith was absolutely the right man for the role.  Some YouTuber has spliced in some old shots from the history of the series.  Only three minutes – enjoy it.

The Doctors Memories


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