Odd Ads

Small matter, but I’ve run into it for about the tenth time in the last month or so.  We are all familiar with pop-up ads and that, in the last few years, they have become much more personalized.  Amazon and Google, in a not-so-subtle manner, keep track of what you are looking at and what you are buying, then send you ads in those categories.  It actually makes a lot of sense and it is good that I don’t get a lot of ads for, say, professional wrestling and such.

But the concept fails rather quickly at times.  What do I mean?  This morning’s pop-ups are for portable computer speakers.  You see, I got a Chrome Book laptop recently and I have tried watching a few streaming videos on it.  Overall, the experience was a good one, except that the audio was just too low.  Nothing I did could make the speakers loud enough.  So, I looked around on Amazon, where I had originally gotten the Chrome Book, and found a portable speaker that connects with a USB cable, providing the audio connection and the power.  Just got it yesterday and haven’t tried it, but I have high hopes for it.

You see the problem?  I have already purchased the speaker.  I am done.  Amazon knows this.  But I keep getting ads for portable speakers and the like.  Why?  Not so much a problem for me – I basically ignore pop-ups in most cases.  But what a waste of money and opportunity for the advertiser!  Why try to sell me on what I – very obviously! – do not need.

Same thing happened when I bought the Chrome Book a few months ago.  For weeks, I got ads for Chrome Books, most often the one I already purchased.  Did they think I was going to buy more?  Right away?  Hopefully, I won’t need or want a replacement for several years.  And if I found it such a good product that I wanted to buy one for every member of the family, I certainly wouldn’t need an ad to remind me.

So, Amazon and Google – and all you little advertisers out there – review your algorithms.  You are doing something wrong.  Instead of trying to sell me what I already bought, try to figure out what I am going to need next.


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