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All in the Timing

I spent most of my career(s) in exempt positions, but I am still aware how irksome it is to punch a time-clock.  It is demeaning, in some way, like somebody doesn’t trust you or something.  Beyond that, for most jobs, you really wish they could find some way to determine your worth to them other than how many hours you sit in the chair.

Still, if you are going to have a time-clock, it could at least work a little more easily and less cumbersome than the old standby time-clock, printing on cardboard time-cards.  They are difficult to line up properly and then somebody has to do the math on each day of each card and come up with an answer.  There has to be a better mousetrap out there somewhere.

Which is pretty much what we just got at work.  The new dingus, which will actually have four locations, reads a fingerprint off the employee – you can’t very well forget your finger when you come to work – and transmits the punch information to the provider’s servers out in cloud land, and then we get our weekly reports from there.

I can understand the Orwellian misgivings about giving up your fingerprint – though it is not like we are going to run them through the FBI database – but this system is going to make payroll a breeze, greatly cutting down on the Monday morning flurry of gathering data from three different systems and trying to make sense of it.  Once we have this all set up and have the kinks worked out, it should take the General Manager about five minutes to review and the bookkeeper about ten minutes to put together what she needs for the paychecks.

This is what technology is supposed to do – take mundane tasks and make them faster, easier.  It is about time.

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