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Third Way

Here is the latest from the Gary Johnson people.  Help spread it around.



Feeling Used

Friend Ari takes one for the team…

New Libertarians are Born Every Day

If you are twenty-one and not a liberal…

Pompano or Bust

Leaving for Florida early in the morning.  Will be hanging with my father-in-law.  My stepson is on his way back as I write and I am pretty sure I will be on the same plane tomorrow.

Brenda will watch the home fires.  I will attempt to write some while away.  Would be nice to get another book done.  Already on Chapter Four.

This book I would not publish right away.  It would be either the second or third in a series (Life on the School Bus).  Would like to write three, then publish together.

I remember back when Peter Davison took on Doctor Who, they started filming with a simple action-adventure story, then did another story, before they went and filmed his first episode to be aired.  This gave him the advantage of working out exactly how his version of the character was going to be before he had to work out the mechanics of getting there.  That is why I am starting with the third book in the series, so that when I get around to writing the first (at current velocity, sometime in 2027), I will have a very good idea what the characters are like and they will write much more smoothly.  If the third book in the series is a little weaker, readers will be far more likely to forgive me than if it had been the first.

Or so it seems to me.


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Mozilla Magilla

Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich has resigned his position, which he held for two weeks, because somebody discovered he had donated $1000 of his own money to an anti gay marriage group back in 2008.  What stuff and nonsense!

There is no evidence that he ever used his positions in any untoward or unfair way and he has upheld Mozilla’s inclusion policies.  So, this little Firefox firestorm seems to be about nothing other than purging non-believers from positions for no other reason than they might make somebody uncomfortable.

The strident left is using this tactic all too often of late – note how anyone who questions climate change is publicly branded a “denier” – and I suspect this is going to backfire on them in the fullness of time.  You cannot claim to champion diversity while doing all you can to expel diverse opinion.  People will catch on.  The pendulum will swing back.

Here is hoping it swings back soon.


John Lott points out that our soldiers are sitting ducks – when on any military installation.

He is absolutely right about this.  Not much of a surprise, however.  The average civilian would probably be stunned to find out how much the military treats its people as children and idiots.  The brass sees no incongruity between using our soldiers – as cannon fodder, if necessary – to defend the nation and allowing the soldiers absolutely no means to defend themselves.

There are stories told about Vietnam, that I have no reason to doubt, where Viet Cong would throw grenades and other explosives over the fence onto a military base, but the guards were forbidden to shoot at them.  Why?  Well, it seems the Cong wasn’t actually trying to enter the base, so they were not to be deemed as targets.


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I guess this is Google’s April Fools joke this year, though it is dated yesterday.  Not really up to the standards of the past few years.  Maybe they have to focus on, you know, work or something.


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