Mozilla Magilla

Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich has resigned his position, which he held for two weeks, because somebody discovered he had donated $1000 of his own money to an anti gay marriage group back in 2008.  What stuff and nonsense!

There is no evidence that he ever used his positions in any untoward or unfair way and he has upheld Mozilla’s inclusion policies.  So, this little Firefox firestorm seems to be about nothing other than purging non-believers from positions for no other reason than they might make somebody uncomfortable.

The strident left is using this tactic all too often of late – note how anyone who questions climate change is publicly branded a “denier” – and I suspect this is going to backfire on them in the fullness of time.  You cannot claim to champion diversity while doing all you can to expel diverse opinion.  People will catch on.  The pendulum will swing back.

Here is hoping it swings back soon.


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