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And So it Begins

There are men outside my house right now, tearing down two trees of somewhat fond memories.  One dog is cowering in his pen amidst the sound of buzzsaws, while the other, conveniently, lies next to me on the floor in this room that just happens to be farthest from the destruction.

Why are these trees coming down?  Because we are renovating.  After years of false starts, we are finally started on the journey.  I will later, as time permits, give a synopsis of the last year or two that took us to this point.  For right now, there are numerous short-term deadlines, many of which have to be done so that the foundations can be poured before the freeze and the El Nino snowstorms.

Sunday, we take the dogs up the island to a two-week boot-camp with a professional dog trainer, where they will be joined by their cousin (sort of) Ollie.  This will be good for them and us, but it will most especially get them out of the way for…

Moving, a week from Wednesday.  We are moving just next door, to the house Mrs. Vanguard grew up in, where we will spend the coming months as this house is majorly gutted and rebuilt.  We still have a lot of stuff to get ready and having the dogs out from under will be better for them and give us much more flexibility.

The project, in a nutshell, is to build out on the first floor in three directions and also add a garage.  We will gain a new master suite, first-floor laundry and pantry, a new kitchen, nook, and dining room, and a usable-sized living room.  It is all an experiment in single-story living, which should help us immensely during our golden years.  More later.

For now, I have to make sure the younger dog hasn’t hung himself in frustration, then take some promised pictures of the destruction.

Should be a fun couple of weeks.


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