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A Breather

We are in the new (old) house.  Moved on Wednesday.  Still boxes everywhere and no idea where lots of things got to.  My Kindle managed to get packed somewhere – the packers were packing anything that didn’t move, except the food.  Luckily, I found a copy of “Time Enough for Love” lying around, so I am rereading that until I find the Kindle, which I have not been able to do, because…

I had to get back to work after numerous days off.  Then, after work on Saturday, we went to a costume party.  In Forest Hills.  To those not on Long Island, this is the one part of Queens that does not look like Archie Bunker would live there.  A very nice colony of brick homes that may be a hundred years old by the looks of them.  Then on Sunday, we went to a birthday party.  For a two-year-old.  In Connecticut.  That pretty much killed the day.

So, today was our first day in about a week and a half without some official thing to do.  We mostly did some stuff around the house and went to Costco to get things we need.

But now we have things we must do.  Tomorrow.  The Building Department, in a fit of governance, has decided that, by building out the back of the house, to pool in our back yard will become a pool in our side yard, and this requires, well, requirements.  Simply put, we will need a variance, which we are assured we will get, after jumping through significant hoops and paying significant dollars.  More on this later.

Meanwhile, I am just hoping to rest up, get some of my energy back, and get this house in order while getting a few last items out of the other house.  Construction will start soon, supposedly.

Haven’t heard from the bank in a while.

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