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Tap, tap, tap

Hello?  Is this thing still on?

No excuses, just got distracted by many things:

It is winter in the home heating business.  Add to this, we got a new dispatcher the first week of December – and guess who had to train her.

We are trying to renovate the house.  The world seems very slow to let us impoverish ourselves.

Raccoons in the attic.  Oh, wait!  One learned to tour the house through the walls and ceilings.

Add a Boston Terrier, following said raccoon.

A trip to the vet with an aging Boxer.

A trip to Mackinaw Island.  Murder mystery in an old hotel.

A trip to Europe – Germany and France, primarily.  Basically, two weeks of heavy drinking and eating.

Minor health emergencies.


Various work projects.  Hope to have an online customer application done soon.  Next up?  Invoicing.

Nope.  No writing.  Maybe soon.  If I remember how.


Something New

Haven’t spent much time writing here, because I have been spending a fair amount of time writing.  Still hoping to finish my supposed novel by year’s end, though it might be a few more weeks than that.

Meanwhile, I took some time off from writing to do some writing.  Had an idea pop into my head and decided to get it down on pseudo paper.  It may be the shortest thing I’ve ever written, but don’t worry, I think there is a book in there, eventually.  It is called “Deliver in Daylight” and I put it up there on my Free Fiction page, so go have a gander when you have a moment.

Yeah, I know.  I’ll come back and play with the formatting at some point.  WordPress doesn’t make it easy.  Or maybe it is a Google Docs thing.


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Storm Warnings

Not that I’ve had much to say lately, but I will probably be off the air for a few days.  Sandy.

Right now, the worst looks like Monday night, with winds tapering by Tuesday afternoon.  But we have three days of heavy rain forecast, which should soften the ground for any trees that want to relocate.

Got get going with prep.  Gasoline, money, nailing down the chickens, taking down my wonderful gazebo tarp.  Rain starts in six hours.  Will try to write tonight, if time and power permit.


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Adjusting the Horizontal

Feeling a bit better today.  Tore a back muscle Tuesday morning and was flat on my back for three days.  Ventured out a little each of the next three days.  Was much better today.  Back is still sore, but it rarely feels like it is going to spasm at all.  Today I can walk like a human, mostly, and can even turn sideways.  The only thing I am not good at is sitting or standing for long periods of time, though with both it depends on the angle.  If I don’t do something stupid, I should be back to mostly normal by the end of the week.

So far, so good.  Will try to get back to writing a little at a time.


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Flat Out

Not been posting this week.  Or writing.  Or working.  Lots of reading, books, not internet.

Put my back out Tuesday morning, been flat on my back ever since.  Now sitting at my desk at work in recurring pain – will probably go home soon.  But I have to spend the day here tomorrow.



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Small Changes

Made a few changes to this blog.  Changed the page that was titled “Stories” to “Free Fiction” and added a new page for “Unfree Fiction.”  Put links in the latter page to my three little babies out in Amazon land.

Also added a blogroll to the side bar.  There are the two that I look at, plus some generic WordPress links that I will probably remove in time.

Updated my “About” page as well, placing most of my first blog post in there for posterity.

Updated Iron Man out on Amazon last night.  Now, instead of being randomly indented, it is not indented at all, although the KDP instructions state that the first line of each paragraph will be indented automatically.  Not so much.  Will play with it some more, as time permits.  Would really prefer not to have to get into HTML.  Something I read somewhere said something about saving as “filtered” or “filtered HTML” or something – that is okay, if I can just save it, and don’t have to edit tags.

“It’s never easy!” – every character Kevin Sorbo has played.


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